The principal goal of the Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts is the training of actors at a high level of professionalism and technical skill in the areas of acting, voice, and movement.

In addition to shaping its students into functioning professional artists, the school places high value on cultural enrichment and personal growth and maturity. The program is a three-year hothouse of study, rehearsal, and performance. The students receive individual attention within the framework of an intensive full day of classes and rehearsals, demanding a high level of discipline and dedication.



During the 50's, before Beit Zvi was founded - Municipal library & youth classes (Chess, Drawing & et.)

Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts enterance - today.


The student thus acquires, in addition to technical skill, the necessary fortitude to survive in the professional world upon graduation. He knows how to work hard, and to achieve results within a specific time frame. He knows how to work within an ensemble, while bringing to bear an enriched cultural background. 

Theatre Managers and stage and film directors who view the numerous examples of high quality work in the third year production schedule can be assured that they are seeing genuine displays of learned technique and skill, rather than accidental successes. They know they are seeing actors who, in the fullest sense of the word, belong in the professional world. 


Founded in 1960 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Beit Zvi has been in existence longer than any other school of its kind in Israel. In addition to its three-year actors-training program, the school also trains stage managers, designers and directors complementary to the overall production schedule.Read more
Beit Zvi offers its students an intensive three-year program, at the conclusion of which one receives a certificate of graduation. This program of studies allows each student to develop his own stage persona, blending his natural talent with acquired skills.Read more
Beit Zvi offers a one-year preparatory course of study for students who wish to explore their talents and suitability for the theatre prior to making the commitment to the full program of studies. Read more
Each year, the school accepts two to three students into the one year program in stage management. Read more
The opening of the Library Theatre in 1984, with support from the Arts and Culture division of the Municipality of Ramat-Gan, saw the establishment of a professional theatre with the express goal of providing Beit Zvi graduates with opportunities for further development and exposure.Read more
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