Financial Aid

Scholarships and Awards:

In addition to the school's own scholarship fund, which provides living allowances for roughly half of the student body, students are encouraged and supported in the attainment of other scholarships. At the conclusion of the first year of studies, the school sends its students to apply/audition for special scholarships from the American-Israel Cultural Foundation. On average, as many as fifty percent of the students at Beit Zvi enjoy scholarship support from the foundation, amounting to all or part of the tuition for a given year.

Each year, students are also eligible to compete for various awards which bring prestige and cash prices. The Zvi Klier Prize is awarded to one third-year student for outstanding achievement in the final production season.

The selection is made by vote of the entire faculty.

The Max Factor Award is presented to one student from each of the three classes, and is given for best performance in a song or m9nologue. Other awards inClude the Moshe Za'iri Prize for best performance of a monologue from Jewish dramatic literature.



Subsidized Theatre Tickets:

Students attend an average of fifty professional productions each year. As a result of special arrangements with the country's leading theatres, Beit Zvi students attend the great majority of opening-night performances at no cost, and pay nominal prices for tickets to all other performances, including those of the major festivals, opera and symphonic concerts. Follow-up discussions are held to analyze all aspects of these performances.


Cultural Excursions Abroad:

In recent years, the school has sponsored student tours to cultural centers abroad such as London , and most recently Moscow . The trip in January of 1989 to Moscow resulted in an invitation by the Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatrical Art (SITA) Festival Committee to send a production entry to the festival in April. A third-year production of Peter Shaffer's EQUUS (In Hebrew translation) was chosen to represent Beit Zvi. Not content to simply make history by bringing an Israeli theatrical delegation to the Soviet Union , the cast of EQUUS took the festival by storm, garnering ecstatic praise from critics, academicians and the general public. "EQUUS mesmerized us with its professionalism, and the stunningly theatrical presence of the actors, both individually and as an ensemble...(The entire cast) demonstrated such consummate control of their craft that the audience very soon forgot that they were actually watching student actors in their final year of studies".



New Immigrants:

A special effort is made to accommodate new immigrants with exceptional talent who' are understandably hindered by the language barrier. According to need, financial assistance is granted by the ministry of Immigrant Absorption, while private tutoring in Hebrew is provided throughout the entire third-year period.

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