Classroom and studio space:

The physical plant includes four acting/voice, two dance/movement studios equipment with mirrors (all contain pianos), two lecture halls with video and film screening capability and dressing rooms with showers, locker space and make-up mirrors. Studio-classrooms double as rehearsal spaces during the evening hours. Construction is underway on an additional rehearsal space which will match the dimensions of the larger performance hall.



Performance Halls:

Two proscenium-style performance spaces serve the third year production schedule and are occasionally available for second year rehearsal exercises. One seats 156 and the other 119. Both are air-conditioned and are equipped with modern lighting and sound facilities.




Students enjoy access to the school's 2,000 volume library, which features books in Hebrew and English. The collection includes classic and modern play scripts, commentaries on dramatic literature and important world theatrical figures, biographies and analyses of styles, trends and genres of world theatre. The school also maintains a rapidly growing library of videotape, DVD's recording. The collection contains film treatments of plays and musicals, as well as films from all over the world. In addition, the practice of videotaping all third year productions and second year rehearsal exercises has proven both an invaluable educational tool as well as providing a useful and lasting record of past achievements.


Publication of Play scripts:

In 1982, the school began publishing play scripts for use by the students, and sale to the general public. This innovation filled a widespread need at the professional and academic level for ready play scripts in translation. At this writing, over 500 new editions of Hebrew versions of classic and modem plays have been published, finding immediate and wide circulation. Students are entitled to purchase copies at subsidized prices.



Construction and Storage Space:

The physical plant includes storage space for hundreds of modern and period costumes, stock scenery and raw materials, construction equipment and machinery, period and modern furniture, properties and lighting equipment. Stock materials are for use in third year productions and second year rehearsal exercises.




The school cafeteria provides hot meals at subsidized prices to the school community and is open sixteen hours a day.

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