Post Graduate

The opening of the Library Theatre in 1984, with support from the Arts and Culture division of the Municipality of Ramat-Gan, saw the establishment of a professional theatre with the express goal of providing Beit Zvi graduates with opportunities for further development and exposure. The theatre offers an average of ten productions per season. Performances are reviewed by all the major papers and audiences are drawn from the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

The theatre operates as a collective, with gate receipts being shared by cast and crew. A minimum of fifteen performances of each new production are given, with runs being extended with respect to demand.

The opportunity to work at the theatre is particularly valuable to graduates who have not yet signed with another major theatre, but also benefits actors under other contracts seeking venues unavailable to them elsewhere.


Lior Ashkenazi, Natan Ravitz

("P.S. Your Cat Is Dead" 1994)

Rita ("My Fair Lady" 1986)


Extension Courses:

New to Beit Zvi this year is a series of extension courses for Beit Zvi graduates and other working professionals. Courses in movement and voice provide the working actor with an opportunity to stay physically and vocally tuned. Additional extension courses are in the planning stages.

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